Bizzy Coffee is a cold brew coffee available as a 16oz bottle of coffee concentrate and a ready-to-drink coffee shot. Created by Twin Cities entrepreneurs Alex and Andrew, the product is organic, fair trade, shelf stable and contains the caffeine content of an energy drink without any of the preservatives. I joined the Bizzy team in 2014 when the professional design fraternity I'm in partnered with the professional business fraternity to do pro bono work for local startups. We worked to develop the Bizzy brand, marketing strategy and business platform. After the partnership I continued to work with Bizzy as an individual and acquired the position of creative lead. My role as creative lead included the development of brand standards and all accompanying marketing materials including packaging, labels, apparel, social media content, digital infographics, stickers, and print ads. I continued to collaborate with fellow design students and oversaw the evolution of the now nationally recognized Bizzy brand.