Ever wonder why the USA elects a new leader every four years, but the American brand hasn’t been updated since 1959? The power that branding has over a target market’s opinions is indisputable, and right now the rest of the world’s opinion of America (and the American brand) isn’t too hot. As a culmination of my senior thesis, this project critically evaluates the collatoral of the American brand and the social connotations they carry. I designed and executed a satyrical polling station with three voting booths that was installed in a gallery space on campus. The branding elements up for election included the Statue of Liberty, face of the one dollar bill, and the national anthem. Candidates were selected after a harsh and realistic analysis of American people and each canditate coincides with an American stereotype. Visitors to the gallery were invited to cast their votes and participate in the experience, asking them to be reflective on how they contribute to the American brand while still having fun, and getting a campaign button or sticker to take away.